Thursday, April 22, 2021

Always read London, Ontario moving company reviews

 Always read London, Ontario

moving company reviews

Whether you're planning student move, apartment move, house move or office move - you have to read reviews for any moving services. The moving industry is full of shady operators that often change their names so they can't be held accountable. You need to read moving company reviews because movers will be in your home and around your family. It isn't worthwhile risking those that you love and the items that you own.

Avoid any moving companies that advertise for "same day" or "last minute moves" - there's probably a reason why they're sitting by the phone...
Most of the Kijiji London, Ontario movers aren't real companies that can be held accountable.
Always keep in mind that movers will be in your home and around your family.

Be critical of who wrote the review and look for negative reviews (we've all met unreasonable people at some point and any company that has done a lot of business will have met them too).

Most people know that anything advertised as cheap isn't very good quality. You wouldn't let just anybody in to your bedroom. Especially if they advertised as cheap!

When it comes to moving, book a mover based on their reviews. Look for a company with hundreds of reviews across multiple platforms.

We've made it easy to see feedback from our clients below:

Quick video of Brawny Movers London, Ontario Reviews

Our main social media platform is Instagram and we often post client feedback on there (as well as daily Stories with dad jokes, real estate information, moving tips and more). See why 4,500+ real people follow us and check out our engagement compared to other moving companies. As an added bonus, you can see what our staff look like [after all, wouldn't you want an idea of who will be in your home?]

If you're just looking for London, Ontario moving company reviews then you can check out the following 3 videos.

Brawny Movers Reviews on Instagram Part 1

Brawny Movers Reviews on Instagram Part 2

Brawny Movers Reviews on Instagram Part 3

Note: Instagram only lets you post 100 Stories per Story Highlight. 

Many of our reviews aren't featured but you'll notice trends. The words "efficient, friendly and professional" are repeated quite often. Many of the clients that have written reviews have used our moving services multiple times too.

To summarize:

  • Always read London, Ontario moving company reviews
  • Be critical of any Kijiji London movers
  • GOOD movers won't be available at the last minute
  • Cheap movers probably won't be very good
  • Brawny has better staff so that you have a better move.

P.S. We're on to Reviews Part 4 on Instagram now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Read hundreds of positive reviews for Brawny Movers on Instagram!

You can read hundreds of positive reviews for Brawny Movers through Instagram.

If you go to look for the Highlights; "Reviews Pt. 1" and "Reviews Pt . 2" with "Reviews Pt. 3" about to start too (as you can only have 100 Stories per Highlight).

You can find reviews from 2016 through 2020 with the same consistent feedback from multiple people on different platforms.

A quick Google search for Brawny Movers also shows various review sites with a solid reputation. After only 4 years in business, Brawny Movers has earned a ton of positive feedback and sees an incredibly high referral rate.

If you ask for Mover Recommendations in a London, Ontario Facebook group, you'll likely see multiple mentions of Brawny Movers. At the time of this post, there are over 170 Facebook Recommendations on the Brawny Facebook Page!

When it comes to picking a moving service, you always want to pick a reputable company. With so many positive reviews over the years, it's clear that Brawny Movers is one of the best moving companies in London, Ontario.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Google Review of Brawny Movers by Chris Leckie, A Local Google Guide in London, Ontario

Chris Leckie, a London Ontario Google Guide wrote the following review of Brawny Movers:

"We have used many movers over the years and these guys are by far the best. They were on time and very professional throughout the move. They were very careful but also quick (moved our 4 bdrm home in just over 4 hours) and took the time to wrap our furniture before loading into their truck. The truck they used was also in great shape. Looked new inside and out and the loading area was very clean. The crew presented themselves in a very professional manner and were all in uniform. There was no shouting throughout our home and no fowl language. They were great with taking their shoes off where we asked them to and everything was moved into the correct rooms we specified at the start of the day. Overall I can't say enough good things about this mover! We were surprised their rates were so reasonable too!"

You can view the original 5 star review below:

Best London Ontario movers
5 star review of Brawny Movers

What makes this review stand out?

Chris compares Brawny Movers to multiple other London, Ontario movers and ranks Brawny Movers the best moving company. Chris notes differences between how Brawny Movers were more polite and had newer, cleaner moving equipment than previous moving companies he had hired. Unlike Kijiji movers, Brawny staff are non-smoking and in uniform. A more professional and organized approach to moving than hiring just one extra guy to help you or a random two men and a truck. The rates offered by Brawny Movers are extremely reasonable given the hard work ethic of the staff and prices will continue to increase as Brawny quickly becomes known as the best moving company in London, Ontario.

While the move of his 4 bedroom home only took four hours, it should be noted that Chris only hired Brawny Movers to move his furniture. Furniture-Only Moves are becoming more popular as people can reduce their moving cost by moving the smaller items themselves and hiring furniture movers for the heavy pieces. Most people do not realize that it is the quantity of small, loose pieces and boxes that contribute to a longer move time. Movers walk many kilometers over the course of a move and having to make more trips means the move takes longer and costs more money.

You can conveniently book Brawny Movers online through: